NYC – Powerful Writing – Course Description


In this course, hosted by New York College in Japan, students will be asked to assess the dynamics of particular writing tasks such as explaining cause & effect and identifying and solving problems to construct essays that powerfully express their opinions and insights in a manner that will convince or persuade readers. Special focus will be given to maintaining causal and logical coherence, and to the level of sophistication matching the audience.


We will be using both student essays and example essays to explore the elements of essays that will have a powerful impact on readers.


Students will first write short essays on teacher-selected and student-selected topics within a particular writing task. In the later sessions of the course, longer essays will be assigned that will incorporate a variety of the writing tasks listed below.

Writing Tasks:

  • Cold Explanations (Brief and focused introduction of concepts)
  • Descriptions (Static)
  • Processes (Temporal)
  • Narratives (Combination of descriptions and processes)
  • Causal explanations (Why?/How?)Causal phrases
  • Opinions & Solutions (Values)
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