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Special Purpose English

Special Purpose English classes are designed for a specific career, profession or interest. The class subjects below have been starred (*) from 1 to 3 stars to indicate the level of compentency and experience your instructor Phil Stilwell has had in each field.

  • Medical English ** | Currently teaching a medical English class to 2 doctors.
  • Information Technology English ** | Coded a B2B application for a Japanese company over one year.
  • Critical Thinking *** | Taught finance staff, biologists and IT staff the basic elements and deeper aspects of critical thinking using many scenarios.
  • Philosophy *** | BA in Philsophy: Taught classess focusing on both truth and happiness.
  • Academic & Technical Writing *** | Taught seminar classes on Technical Writing at the University of Tokyo. Rewrote papers for journal submission for both graduate students and professors.

Students can also submit ideas for classes unique to their interests.

Current Courses: